Brasil, Brasil… the colors, the beaches, the thongs; football and Copacabana; the coffee, the Caipirinha, the food, oh, Brasil’s food…
If there is one rule in Brasil it is that food should be enjoyed.
The skewer already starts running, creating scents of delicious meat; and you are welcome to eat all that you can eat. With Samba music in the air, this is an amazing experience for both your body and mind.

What’s on the menu?

CASA DO BRASIL offers an Espeto Corrido (running skewer) meal – juicy meat cuts spread out by the Pasadores, from the skewer straight to the plate, all-you-can-eat.
We also have on our menu different types of meats, salads, vegetarian dishes and meals for kids.
The passadores and team of grill operators at CASA DO BRASIL invite you to enjoy this exciting Brazilian meat carnival!

Gifts, benefits and deals

In CASA DO BRASIL you can pre-pay for a meal gift for yourselves or loved ones, with credit card.
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