Lunch deal

Lunch deals are served on Sunday-Saturday 12-3 pm

Lunch deals include starters and your choice of a main course

Shared starters:

White Brazilian rice; chilli con carne - meat, beans and peppers, slow cooked for 3 hours; baked potatoes in spice herbs; home-made salad in mustard-vinaigrette dressing, chimichuri sauce and barbeque sauce - All that you can eat!

89 NIS

CASA DO BRASIL burger - 300 gram
+ Sunny-side-up / mushrooms / onions - 10 NIS
+ Goose liver medallion - 70 NIS
Or South American Chorizo sausages
Boliniho - Brazilian meat patties

109 NIS

Salmon fillet - oven baked and served with cream
Or spring chicken marinated in honey, soy and white wine
Or whole sea bream fish - grilled

209 NIS

Running skewer - 11 types - All that you can eat!
Veal assado, chuck steak, capa de filet, Lamb leg, Picanha, Mamia, spring chicken, chicken wings, Bolinho, Chorizo and chicken hearts

159 NIS

Dry aged lamb chops - 450 gram, grilled
Or entrecote - 320 gram, dry aged marbled
Or picaniha- 300g
or dry-aged sirloin- 300g

269 NIS

Running skewer - 12 types - All that you can eat!
entrecote, lamb leg, veal assado, Picanha, Mamia, spring chicken, chicken wings, chuck steak, capa de filetBolinho, Chorizo and chicken hearts

House wine glass - 25 NIS

Lunch deals are not valid with Hever credit card, Kranot Hashotrim credit card, vouchers and coupons. Not valid with any other offer

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